Нушин Шерафгани

Выпускница языковой программы в WSGE.

Hi! I want to tell you about my study in Poland. 2 month ago I was thinking about studying abroad. I had many options: England, USA, Germany, Cyprus. But program Multikid gave me an opportunity to improve my English in Europe, especially in Poland. Now, I learn English and Polish languages at University of Euroregional Economy. And you know what? It's the best holidays in my life. Day by day my English is becoming good, I found here many friends and also I can travel to other countries in order to rich my knowledge world and to familiar with other cultures. University of Euroregional Economy (WSGE) has a great future, best teachers, who have best approaches to learn us and they also motivate us to think clearly about our future and make it best. We have a good conditions,  we can feel the student friendly atmosphere in dormitory, that locate near university. And my best regards to the agency MultiKid, especially to Manzura Djuraeva, because she gave me such chance.