Мухаммадсолех Носиров

Стипендиант бакалаврской программы в ЕУЛ

Thank you for not forgetting us. I am fine, everything is going well with me, just finished the final exams and trying to take a good rest after a tough year. 
Education system here in Cyprus differs a lot from ours, they give you the basis knowledge and the rest is up to you. They do not force or push you to study. They just do what is required from them – to provide information to students. If I wish to promote myself, it depends solely on me and I have to work much on myself searching the topics from internet or in the University library. Some students are fine with this and their daily student life goes smoothly here while others were expecting much more by choosing this University. I should say that if you have a properly set goal, if you know what you want, then you do not need much from the University classes. Couple of advice and guidance from the professors together with your hard work will be enough to strengthen and develop your skills and knowledge. Professors are also glad to help and guide those students who show many efforts and enthusiasm, who want to make changes in their lives. Moreover, our University is expanding its faculties and dormitories and the number of students are increasing. Therefore, everything depends on each individual, opportunities are everywhere, and one should just see and use them. However, always be careful and think twice before making any decision, make sure that you know to what you are going and whether it deserves it or not so that you don’t regret later on. When I saw the possibility to come and study here, I focused on this. 
My selection of the European University of Lefke was like this: after leaving the secondary school, I passed exams/tests in three foreign universities, as well as in Tajik National University. I got the necessary scores at all of them, but decided to study here in Cyprus because I got the first place at the English test organized by Educational Centre “Multikid” and I thought of here as being ‘Europe’. I should express my great thanks and Gratitude to the director of Multikid Centre – Manzura Juraeva that she and her team organized an English test transparently and as the winner of the test they offered me a scholarship to study free for four years at the European University of Lefke. I would like to appreciate the honest approach of Multikid team and staff. 
When I passed my first semester exams, I got a very good overall score and, thank God, I received another present from Government of Cyprus that included accommodation and meal as well. Therefore, I am very lucky. At the third course, I started to work partially at the University library that I like very much and in this way, I was able to find my pocket money. 
The multicultural student life in our University is interesting. The students from the following countries, like Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Morocco and many other countries study here and we students share our cultures with each other.
Of course, after graduation of the University, I’m planning to return to Tajikistan and look for a good job in any organization and if possible to study at the same time by correspondence to obtain my Master’s degree. 
It may get very boring on times because of lack of entertainment, but people get used to it, we got used to it. However, there were some Tajik students who did not like this place, and left the school after couple of semesters.
Therefore, my advice to the young people who wish to study in Cyprus or anywhere abroad is as follows: you must have a very good school basic knowledge, as well as English language. You should be tolerant with other cultures, climate, meals and respect other nationalities. 
At the end, I’d like to wish that more Tajik students, especially talented ones find ways to go abroad, to see the world and expand their outlook.